Wildcats News · Where do I get COVID info?

One of the most difficult aspects of the COVID restrictions and protocols is communicating them effectively. During the winter season we have five boys and five girls sports and several levels of each. We also travel to dozens of different schools or communities throughout the year. Each one may have slightly different expectations when it comes to spectators and other guidelines. So where is the best place to look for that info as a parent or fan?


This is our master athletic schedule that is updated in real-time as we make changes. You may also sign up for alerts by clicking “Notify Me” on the right side. On this schedule, we will use the comments section to provide as much spectator/protocol info as we can. We will also include livestream links whenever they are available. Below is an example of how to read this schedule.


SECOND – If you are unsure about protocols for an upcoming game. You or your student should communicate with the coach prior to the game.


FINALLY – Assume that every event and facility will have the following guidelines: Masks, 6 foot social distancing, some type of attendance restrictions, and an expectation to self-monitor for symptoms.



  • Show up at a game without any idea of what the restrictions or protocols are for that event or facility
  • Do not rely on news media (TV, radio, newspaper) to find out specific protocols. They often have information that is inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete. Information should always come from the school.
  • DO NOT give workers at events any grief when trying to enforce the protocols. In most cases, they had no input in the rules and are just trying to do a good job so we can have events. Represent Millard West with class and be courtious, whether at home or on the road.