Wildcats News · Letter to Wildcat Nation

To Wildcat Nation:

I would first like to thank all of our students, families, teachers, coaches, and countless others that have helped make it possible to hold activities and athletics this fall in a safe and responsible way. Our students have responded to our protocols and exceeded our highest expectations. Our families have listened to the Metro conference and MPS protocols about attending events. All of this allows us to provide the extra-curricular activities that are important to so many.

With a feeling of success during the first two weeks, there can be a natural tendency to feel comfortable and let our guard down. The virus is still in our community and we all need to do our part in keeping it away from our schools and avoid spreading within our schools. We are asking that everyone who attends a school event, home or away, continue wearing a mask and socially distancing between families. This gives us the best chance to continue activities without interruption. 

There will be positive cases and cases of quarantine and we will continue to be transparent in following local health guidelines to mitigate risk while providing enriching student activities. Our staff and students continue to learn and grow in this process. We constantly review our protocols, make adjustments, and evaluate how we are doing. Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and feedback along the way. 

In closing, let’s all do our part in setting the example by wearing masks, social distancing, and being safe and positive fans for ALL Wildcats! I am proud to be a member of Wildcat Nation and Millard Public Schools.



Lance Smith
Millard West Activities Director


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