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Millard West Theatre

Drama is only art form that combines the talents of performers, visual artists, writers, sound designers, engineers, those handy with tools and construction, mathematicians, seamstresses, light designers, electricians, and managers.  Drama is an exciting artistic adventure for many different kinds of students and parents, and we invite you on the journey!!  A production can not happen with just one or two individuals.  At Millard West, we want everyone to be involved. Not a high school student?  Join our Drama Mamas and Papas!  If you have a student in a production at Millard West, you are already a part of the booster club!  Don’t miss out on the great opportunities to help.

What West Has To Offer
Drama Club
Drama Club is for students grades 9-12 to dabble in dramatic activities and prepare for travel to the State Thespian Festival in January and the International Thespian Festival in June.  We meet twice a month on Wednesdays after school from 3:30-4:30.  Watch the school announcements and the website for meeting dates.

We do five performances a year.  We do a fall play at the end of September/beginning of October, a winter play or one act in December, an Improv Show at some point in the fall, the musical in March, and a Spring play at the end of April or beginning of May.  We also do a Drama II showcase of student written and directed plays during each semester that we have students in the drama II classes.

International Thespian Society
Millard West has a Thespian troupe! Our students earn membership in Millard West Thespian troupe 5483 through their participation in drama related activities.  ITS is a national honors society for students who excel in the theatre arts.  Once a student earns 10 ITS points (earned through participation in two different areas of the theatre), they can be invited to be inducted.  Being inducted into this honors society is the same as lettering in theatre.  The student receives a thespian pin and a lifetime membership to the society.  Students who earn 60 or more participation points by the time they graduate from high school can earn blue and gold honor chords to wear at graduation!  For more information on the International Thespian Society visit the Educational Theatre Association website at

Participation in State and International Festivals
ITS offers two theatre festivals that West students attend.
State Thespian festival happens in January at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and at the Embassy Suites downtown.  The weekend consists of shows from around the state, a variety of theatre workshops, competitive improv and tech theatre events, individual performances, and college and scholarship auditions.  This trip costs approximately $185/student.

International Thespian Festival happens the last full week of June also at UNL.  Students stay in the dorms for a week and participate in similar activities to the state festival.  Students watch two nationally adjudicated mainstage shows at the Lied Center every day as well as go to workshops, and conclude with a dance or improv or stage craft activity every night.  This festival is a life changing event for students!  Cost to attend this festival is approximately $800.  The Millard West Drama department would like to award at least two $150 scholarships for students to attend each year to help curb costs.

Wildcat Theatre Workshop for elementary and middle school students
Millard West theatre likes to promote this art form in the community.  We recently started the Wildcat Theatre Workshop for students grade 3-8.  Students spend a Saturday morning working with high school students on putting on a play.  They explore concepts like costuming, set design, makeup and storytelling.  Look for information about these opportunities in the announcements and newsletters of the Millard West feeder schools.

Drama Mamas and Papas Booster Group
Millard West is fortunate to have a growing group of dedicated parents who are interested in helping out the drama program.  Drama Mamas and Papas meet close to twice a month during production periods.  Letters will be sent home with students who attend drama club at the beginning of the year, but you are always welcome to join the parent boosters.  Boosters can do anything or everything from costuming a show, to building sets to being responsible to  provide ideas and feedback for fundraising, , plan and provide Cast/Crew dinners for each production and other odds and ends.  It would be wonderful to see this group continue to grow with every new class of students and remain the back bone of our young department!

A Close Knit Community
There is almost nothing that bring people together more than working on a production together.  So much work and so many hours go into making our productions the best they can be.  Join the group.  We stick together and form a very close knit community within the overwhelmingly crowded hallways of Millard West High School.  Millard West Drama is Something Special.